Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

This picture is classic.  Sophia is the only one excited for the Easter Bunny and the other kids have to be pulled from their beds to participate in the hunt!   The Easter Bunny Strikes again with the yarn wrapped all around the house and yard with the basket at the end.   
Ethan's in the BBQ!

Sophia's in the guest bedroom, again!
 Bostons was the longest hunt of all.  Ending up in Dad's truck!

 Aubrie's behind the Fire Pit!

 The kids with all their loot!  All with chocolate bunny's, Robins Eggs, and their favorite candy.  The boys got a t-shirt, Sophia smelly gel pens and My Little Pony stuffed animal, and Aubrie got make up and nail stuff....that she helped me pick out. LOL
 The closest thing we have to family pictures in over a year!